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About Me

Hey there! I'm Tori Sipe. 

I've been a writer since the first time my little hands took pen to paper. It's what I love the most and when I'm the happiest. Let's Talk Pop is a space for my takes on pop culture and getting to know my world through comedy, lavish food, exquisite cocktails, trying to travel the world, and my fitness journey. 

As a nerd, I have lots of opinions on things, but I love hearing what others have to say and don't shoot anyone down for what they love deep down in their hearts. We're all different and love different things, so I believe we should embrace that love so we can discover more things we can fall in love with. I'm also very passionate about a number of things, including but not limited to:

*NSYNC - Back to the Future - Futurama - Spider-Man - Hockey - Jack Russell Terriers - Stand-Up Comedy -    Red Wine - Fine As Hell Bourbon - '90s Nostalgia

I'm based out of Richmond, VA, good ol' RVA, and live there with my adorable and crazy Jack Russell Terrier, Clementine, our Puerto Rican rescue, Rocky, and my wonderful husband Jesse. We met doing stand-up and if that isn't adorable as hell I don't know what is. Where's that meet cute at in the movies?

My hope is that you enjoy this space and feel a sense of community while you read my collective thoughts. I want to focus on different walks of life, because everyone loves different things! But we can all relate to one thing and that's what we're passionate about it. No matter what it is everyone has a passion. I hope you enjoy mine.

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