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Recorded live at The Dark Room in Richmond, VA. NSFW. Booze Clues investigates the world's most "spirited" headlines.


NSFW - GUI Nights is a short open format show discussing general geekery, our lives, and unexplored tangents from the last GUI Podcast episode. This episode was recorded after Episode 177 - The Steaming Wars: DC Streaming Didn't Kill Itself


The panel walks down memory lane, and remembers a time when MTV actually played videos! They discuss MTV original programming, favorite videos, and the reality show downfall.

The panel discusses the various streaming services available, and how they have fundamentally changed how we watch TV and film.


We turn one clone movie into 4 different remakes when Hobbit and Tori Sipe remake/re-imagine Multiplicity!


Joined by comedian, bartender, and pop blogger Tori Sipe. We talk skulls for hats, our favorite regulars, and Brian gets carried home like a baby.

Hobbit and Tori Sipe pitch about the creepy and hilarious holiday classic "Gremlins."

Hobbit and Tori Sipe are right on top of this episode pitching a remake of, "Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead," Rose!


Richmond, VA based podcast talking all about food. From chefs to home cooks, bartenders to bar flies, and everyone in between. If you have an opinion about food culture, we wanna talk about it!