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5 Shows You Should Be Quarantine Bingeing

Feel like you've already watched everything you could possibly watch? You definitely haven't. No one could possibly even scratch the surface with all the content available out there now. Shows premiering and new seasons popping up left and right can be overwhelming. I've noticed a lot of people have been watching the same things or the trendy things, but here's five shows you should start now if you haven't already.

1) Black Monday 2019 - Now (Showtime)

Executive produced by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg and created by David Caspe (Happy Endings, That's My Boy) this show is about Black Monday, the stock market crash of 1987, and it is one of the craziest, funniest shows you're not watching. A lot of time period shows can feel cheap and boring, but the inside look of the sleaze and grandiose of 1980's Wall Street leaves you with your jaw dropped and keeled over from laughter. Don Cheadle is a devious, smooth asshole, but still charming. Regina Hall is smart as hell, and defines the role of female empowerment. Andrew Rannells soars as the young, smart, dumb kid who is so easily taken advantage of. And with supporting cast like Paul Scheer, Casey Wilson, Horatio Sanz, and Ken Marino as the

Lehman Brothers you will be on the edge of your seat for this cocaine filled, high throttle

ride. Currently in its second season it airs on Showtime, Sundays at 8PM, returning June 28th.

2) You're The Worst 2014 - 2019 (FX)

Two horrible people meet, have lots of sex, and have a relationship full of turmoil, hatred, and somehow love. Jimmy (Chris Geere) and Gretchen (Aya Cash) are the worst. If you love shows with despicable people like It's Always Sunny or Curb Your Enthusiasm this show is right up your dark, seedy alley. Over five seasons this show deals with a lot of issues, and how to navigate a relationship through not only being an awful person, but finding another person just as awful as you to spend your life with. Alcoholism, drug abuse, cheating, cuckolding, stabbing, Sunday Funday's, PTSD, depression, are all dealt with in this psychotic, narcissistic journey through two people just trying to be together somehow. Supported by the unreal Desmin Borges and Kether Donohue

as their wacky, but equally fucked up best friends this is a show you may have missed when it was on, but can catch up with now during quarantine. Originally aired on FX all episodes are available on Hulu.

3) Six Feet Under 2001 - 2005 (HBO)

How this show still goes unnoticed after almost 20 years I'll never quite understand. Created by Alan Ball, (American Beauty, True Blood) The Fisher family is fucked up. They run a funeral home and deal with death everyday, while trying to figure out how to deal with their lives. If there's any drama that you've never seen and want to get into, this is the one. The cast is stacked. Peter Krause, Michael C. Hall, Frances Conroy, Lauren Ambrose, Freddy Rodriguez with so many amazing cameos throughout the series. It's best if I don't give away too much here, because you'll want to be enjoying it for yourself. Just know that this show will have you weeping, laughing, and contemplating your own life and what you're doing with it. If it wasn't for this show I don't know if I ever would have started doing stand-up comedy, which led me to oh so many wonderful opportunities and how I met my husband. This show has that power. Please watch this. You won't regret it. Currently available for streaming on Hulu, Amazon Prime, and HBO.

4) Episodes 2011 - 2017 (Showtime)

Created by the people behind Friends, yes that Friends, and starring Matt LeBlanc as himself, yes, himself, this sneak peek behind the curtain of making a show in Hollywood is superb. British husband and wife writing duo Sean and Beverly, (Stephen Mangan, Tamsin Greig) get approached by a sleazy Hollywood producer who wants to turn their acclaimed BBC television hit into an American version, with them writing the new show. Sounds like fun they think, until their beloved show about a boys school and its distinguished headmaster, forcibly gets dumbed down into a show about a hockey coach and his team, and it's called Pucks, and they got Matt LeBlanc. Matt plays such an unrealistic bastardized version of himself you won't believe the lengths he goes to be absolutely terrible. The whip smart writing will keep you hooked and the bonkers twists will make you forgive Matt for doing Joey for two seasons. Trust me, you'll want to dig into this. All episodes are streaming on Netflix and Showtime.

5) PEN15 2019 - Now (Hulu)

Holy shit I laughed so much watching this show. Produced by The Lonely Island, this show created, written, and starring Maya Erskine and Anna Konkle who play 13-year-old versions of themselves, navigate being in 7th grade and deal with boys, kissing, and family drama. One of the best elements of the show is even though these 30-something year old women play themselves, all the other actors are actually around the age of 13. Taking place in the year 2000 there's plenty of jokes, hey AIM!, and amazing songs in relation to the time period, but don't worry if you didn't go through your teenage years during that time, because this show will take you back to all of the awkwardness and angst of being a pre-teen/budding teenager. Maya and Anna bring the reality of what it's like to be a teenage girl to life and put it ALL on display. From discovering you know, that thing, like when you... it's best if you find out for yourself. Season 2 is coming soon at some point, hopefully next year. You can watch the first season on Hulu.

I hope you enjoy these picks if you haven't watched any of them yet. Keep bingeing and enjoy the rest of your quarantine. And as always stay safe.

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